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Name:300ul Universal Fit Pipette Tips

Product Description

GMB universal fit pipette tips are designed with exclusive technology, and manufactured by best quality virgin polypropylene(PP) in our dust-free clean room. 


GMB 300ul universal fit pipette tips have following features:

1. We also could say it is 200ul long pipette tips, it longer and could keep more liquid than common 200ul tips.


2. Excluesive design make pipettors could easier to seal with the pipette tips with less insertion force.


3.They could perfectly fit  nearly all the brands of single and multi pipettors such as Eppendorf, Gilson, Rainin, Biohit, Brand, Finpipette etc.


4.Graduated design to make the liquid handling be more accurate and easier.


5.Aotoclave sterilizing is available

6.Free of Dnase, Rnase, DNA and Pyrogen

NO. Cat# Products Packages
1 GT13001 300UL Bulked Tips (200UL Long) 20000 Tips (1000tips/pk,20pk/case)
2 GT13002 300UL Racked Tips,Sterile                              50x96 Tips (96tips/rack,10racks/pk,5pk/case)
3 GT13003 300UL Racked Tips,Non-sterile                   50x96 Tips (96tips/rack,10racks/pk,5pk/case)
4 GT13004 300UL Reload Tips 100x96 Tips (96tips/tray, 10trays/pk, 10pk/case)
5 GT13001L 300UL Bulked Tips (200UL Long), Ultra Low Retention 20000 Tips (1000tips/pk,20pk/case)
6 GT13002L 300UL Racked Tips(200UL Long),Ultra Low Retention, Sterile                              50x96 Tips (96tips/rack,10racks/pk,5pk/case)
7 GT13003L 300UL Racked Tips(200UL Long), Ultra Low Retention, Non- Sterile                           50x96 Tips  (96tips/rack,10racks/pk,5pk/case)
8 GT13004L 300UL Reload Tips(200UL Long), Ultra Low Retention 100x96 Tips (96tips/tray, 10trays/pk, 10pk/case)
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